Galex Belge 

Galex Belge was founded in 2010, and has since then steadily increased it's network of suppliers and customers.

We have through our multinational team contacts with manufacturers in East and Western Europe and in Switzerland on the supply side, to thus be able to deliver the highest quality goods of Top Brands. We export these goods mainly to customers in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa or the Middle East in order not to disturb the regular market.

Over the last years we had supplies from e.g. Varta, Philips, Heinz, Coca Cola, Henkel, Pattex, Akzo Nobel, Rotel, Trisa Switzerland, Nutricia, Elimex, Avent, Wasa, BIC and have enterred agreements with major Retail Groups which supply us with their various overstock. We are discussing new cooperations and should be able to offer even more variety in the nearby future. 

We have warehousing facilities in Belgium, Bucarest and Beirut.

We are still lookng to expand both our supply and demand side with new contacts.